Vlerick Group

Vlerick Group

Vlerick Group is a Belgian family-owned diversified group active across selected industries and selected geographies, including Western Europe, Eastern Europe, India, China and the United States.

The group is sub-divided into 4 main pillars

1) Industrial activities, including wholly or jointly owned industrial operations and core industrial participations

2) Long term and active participations in stock-listed enterprises

3) Private Equity

4) Real Estate

Vlerick Group has its industrial roots in Flanders in 1880 in the textile industry. In its present form, it originates from B.I.C. Carpets, a high-end woollen broad-loom woven carpet manufacturer, founded in 1956. The name Vlerick Group only came into being at the end of the nineties when the headquarters were moved from BIC Carpets to its present location in a stately townhouse in Kortrijk. 

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