Ultra light weight aircraft carpet 100% nylon

bic carpets ultra light weight aircraft carpet
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Ultra light weight aircraft carpet 100% nylon

A new ultra lightweight carpet is being introduced.
B.I.C.- Carpets sets the first steps with a revolutionary carpet. This carpet boast a significant difference in weight compared to standard carpet. They are made of eco friendly yarns (100% recycled content) while still ensuring optimal technical performance and excellent durability.

B.I.C. is aware of the tough competition and has stepped up the game and made the carpets look different to traditional ones and increased the strength and durability of its products. “We have run methods of testing for burning behaviour, anti static, colour and surface appearance to determine changes in appearance of textile floor coverings. “We found besides ultra light weight coverings, which are non - carpet, our very durable carpets can deal with tough stains as well as absorb dirt and dust. We have worked hard in developing these new programs and look to help airlines that care about fuel burning savings resulting in lower CO2 emissions and that focus on cost efficiency by saving fuel.


Available colours 

Technical information

Wilton woven 
1-frame carpet ISO 2424
Pile composition 
100% eco nylon (recycled content) and antistatic fibres
Pile weight 
+/- 510 g/m² ISO 8543 — EN 1307
Total weight 
+/- 1200 g/m² ISO 8543 — EN 1307
Pile height 
+/- 2.0 mm iISO 1766
Total height 
+/- 4.0 mm ISO 1765
PES/cotton + synthetic latex, flame retardant
+/- 144.000 kn/m² ISO 1763
200 cm ISO 3018- special width on request