Kortrijk (BE)
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Can you feel the softness? 
It's all around you. It's here, just slipping through your hands. This luxurious SOFTLINE,...or should we say, this soft & smooth quality, is a cradle to cradle carpet. It is designed with regenerated nylon, obtained from all kinds of waste, infinitely recyclabe without ever losing its quality and beauty. Sounds smoothly tender, no?

By buying this carpet you will help us to clean up our planet. Little by little and piece by piece we build on an eco-friendly environment to secure a safe haven again for us and nature in general. This beautiful turtle above, will be very grateful to you, as the yarn of this carpet is also made of recycled fishing nets!

Isn't that sweet and gentle too?

But there is more! This innovative yarn from SOFTLINE feels silky soft like feet gliding away in warm sand on a sunny beach. It shines like the sunlight dancing on the sea surface. A loop & pile line that brings nature into your home! combines a sublime look with a strong structure. It is mysteriously soft and feels like your feet are magnetically attracted and attached to it – now already.

Just try it … you’ll see. We call it: SOFTLINE!


Available colours 
1770 beach
1770 beach
1780 palladium
1780 palladium
1750 warm grey
1750 warm grey
1790 onyx

Technical information

Standard sizes, special sizes & broadloom
Wilton woven 
cutpile - looppile
Pile composition 
100% regenerated nylon
Pile weight 
ca. 2170 g/m²
Total weight 
ca. 2950 g/m²
Pile height 
ca. 7,5 mm
Total height 
ca. 9 mm
PES/cotton, jute & latex
ca. 102400/m2
4 m
class 32 general commercial use