Shadow silver linen

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Shadow silver linen

Den Haag (NL)

The Aramco Overseas Company head office has recently
moved into their new accommodation in The Hague. The
new office, housed in an existing building from the eighties,
needed to be fully refurbished. Following a selection in March
2009, GROUP A was chosen to carry out this refurbishment.

The design challenge the team stood for was to strengthen
the rather unobtrusive character of the existing building by
means of a new interior. GROUP A resolved this by designing
an interior that uses the more noticeable aspects of the existing
building as a guiding principle, while reflecting AOC’s identity.

This identity is based on the cultural background of
AOC, which is part of the Saudi-Arabian oil company Saudi
Aramco. The interior subtly refers to this background by using
patterns, colors and materials that are typical for Middle-Eastern
architecture, in an abstract, contemporary manner.
Information from website Group A


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